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Development of a temperature-controlled (automated) Aquaponics system

As the world population is increasing daily, more space is used for various kinds of human facilities. The problem is that it is expensive, space-consuming and difficult to maintain. Agriculture has shaped society and without it, we would not have food to survive. Thus, this project aims to solve this problem on a smaller scale. Developing an automated system using Arduino, a temperature sensor will be used via the breadboard so that the water temperature can be displayed. The hydroponics tray for the plants will be connected with a bio-filtration filter so that the water can be reused again. The ammonia nitrate level and calcium level would also be monitored via the dataloggers. Our results are that the temperature on average is 24.8 ̊C and the chiller (fan) would allow cooling to suit the gourami’s conditions. Our experiment shows that our system can efficiently measure data and help us identify potential errors in our aquaponics system. Application is to replace all old fish farms in order to make this world a better place (more convenient)

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