3. Results

3. Results

3.1 Experiment 1 results 
Fig 3.1.1 - Graph of temperature

This figure shows the temperature that varied in the tank through the past 5 days. Attached
are the temperatures collected. It does not vary that much as it is constant at 27.06˚C. 

Fig 3.1.2 - Sketchup Model

Fig 3.1.3

Fig 3.1.4

3.2 Experiment 2 results 

Fig 3.1.5

Fig 3.1.6

Fig 3.1.7

Fig 3.1.8

Fig 3.1.9

3.3 Special observations

The plants on the uppermost row are growing upwards, towards the light. We noticed that the fish often crowd to the left-hand corner of the tank. This is so as the oxygen pump and water pump are there, providing the necessary abiotic factors for the fish. When the fan is off, the fish often move to the surface as the temperature is too warm. With the Arduino circuit, when the fan is on (25ºC and above), the fish move to the bottom of the tank.

This can be inferred that the fish can only live in climates under 25ºC and under and that when the temperature is too high, their behavioural adaptation is to move to the surface of the tank, to avoid the heat.

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